WebSite Down for Everyone Or Just Me?

Sometimes, you might wonder if a website is down for the world or just down for you as you might get some information from your friend that your site is working but you are not able to access to your site.

With many reason from the Internet, you might not able to access to certain site from your location. It might because your IP is being blocked by the server, website or ISP or other reason. You might have a generally reliable internet connection from a site such as, and so it can be extremely confusing to find that you are suddenly unable to access a particular web page. If it is a site that you do not normally have any trouble visiting, then you may not understand why you are being denied access all of a sudden. The first step in figuring out a solution to your problem is determining whether the site is down for everyone, or just for you. Fortunately, there is now an incredibly easy way to do this.

With, you may track whether the site is down for all or down for you.

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