Watch Hong Kong Drama with PPStream without region restriction with Windows 7

PPStream has restricted region restriction to access to Hong Kong drama as copyrighted issue, however you may get this issue fix by referring to this article.

1. Trigger Windows Run (Win Key + R).
2. Enter, %appdata%/PPStream.
3. Open the following file with notepad and replace with following line.




4. Open Windows Run and run the following command,

attrib +r %appdata%/PPStream/ppsarea.ini
attrib +r %appdata%/PPStream/psnetwork.ini

5. You have done.

1. This article apply for Windows 7 and Windows 8 only.
2. I don’t have mac to test, waiting for donation 😛

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100 thoughts on “Watch Hong Kong Drama with PPStream without region restriction with Windows 7”

  1. I found the way to make it work on post android tablet edition, can’t get it to work in the phone edition cos it always change back the country to singapore

  2. Found the way to make itwork in the android for tablet edition, ccan’t get it to work in the phone edition as it always revert back to the original settings

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I have try with my desktop and it works very well. Unfortunately, with the same steps as shown above, i did it to my laptop (also Windows 7), it doesn’t work at all.
    Any idea?

  4. For android phone you will need to have root access. The setting file is located at /data/data/

    Below 3 lines are needed to enable HK series.

    After added the above 3 lines, then changes the permission for /data/data/ directory to 555(r-xr-xr-x). This is to prevent the application overwrite the setting. Hopefully this helps! Enjoy!

    I’m working on Linux 64bit version but no luck until now, please share if you know how to enable HK series for PPS Linux version.

  5. Hi

    everyone, PPS have block off all access in win 7. Even u can see the show or movie once u click on it , when they try to play it said something like not in the server. I’m not good in chinese but my friend told me so. So the above method do not work anymore I think.

    Anyone know how to fix that?

  6. PPS last year paid money to TVB,to beat PPTV .do you think they allow you to watch it for free,especially that Ryantcw. .using PPS client to make money by advertisments. If you are able to find a good DNC server in China ,I think you can still watch PPS, if no fix just delete PPS and tell them to f,off

  7. for the newest version of pps, i guess 3.0 sumthing.. it doesnt works.. i couldnt find the ppsarea in the folder.. oni the ppsnetwork.. ><

  8. Hi this method don’t work on new ver of PPS, is there a method that will work on new ver?



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