Want to Save Money? Free WordPress Themes Help You

Currently, there are over 175 million blogs on the Internet all over the world, among which WordPress powers 50 Million. As an open source blog tool and publishing platform, WordPress has been found by Matt Mullenweg, which now accounting for 14% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites. WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL, which is always customized into a Content Management System.

For blog owners, it is nice to save a few dollars by getting something for free. Free website and blog themes did a better than people considered. Free website and blog themes have a nice appearance or impressive features. Although the premium themes have a limited time support and free lifetime upgrade policy, for users who want to save money, the free themes are the best choice.

Platform Pro was published by Pagelines. No matter what you want to use your website for, whether it’s for your small business or for school, you will need to make it as professional and as aesthetically pleasing as you can. Pltform Pro will ensure that people want to keep coming back to your website. After all, it is essentially a reflection on you. The Platform Pro theme is great for this. It’s fully customizable so that you could do just about anything with it. It’s set up to be easy enough for the least web-savvy person to use, but intricate enough so that someone who really wants to get their hands dirty can work with it.Landscape is a WordPress theme that is customized for travel blog. For you, it may be a funny task running a travel blog, you get to write about all sorts of different places, and best of all, you get to take pictures of those places and share them with people. Landscape WordPress theme is the perfect web theme for your travel blog, which provides plenty of room for text and images so you don’t have to sacrifice either essential attribute of your website. There’s a large image right off the top of the website so your viewers are immediately greeted by a pictures.

My Journey from ThemeFuse is an ideal option for bloggers. You’ve been blogging for a while, but until now you’ve wanted to keep your ideas to yourself. That was until you got a job that allowed for you to travel all over the country and to other parts of the world. You want to share your thoughts, images, and videos with everyone from your hometown but with the simple, cheesy blog layout you’re using now, you’d be embarrassed to give someone your URL. It’s attractive and stylish, featuring a hardwood paneled wall in the background. There are also JQuery sliders on the theme, as well as other effects. The default theme offers a right-hand sidebar for any sort of widget you might like to upload. The layout is that of a traditional blog so that no matter how many images or videos you add, your readers never lose sight that it’s your words that are most important.

News Time is a WordPress theme for the bloggers who want the websites look and feel of an online newspaper. You can offer your readers with the content that they desire in a bold and easily viewable site that features plenty of room for written content and images that look polished and professional. There are different layouts available to you, which will allow you to fully customize your site with bold headlines in different font sizes that will never take away from the written content. You can also use the front page to rotate images and headlines, giving your site a very credible appearance.

Corporation is designed by elegant themes, it is sleek and elegant but very information-heavy, the theme allows businesses to present their services and products in a very professional way. There are color variations available for the theme and the many different features that come with the blog theme allow you to very easily make changes, whether you are substantial changes or minor tweaks. There are six color schemes available for TheCorporation theme. T feature everything from the refined blue theme, which lives up to its name, to an understated grey to a bold red. The colors encompass enough variation that they should suit any corporate color scheme quite well. TheCorporation is designed as a content management system, but has the option to be used as an entirely post-driven site. This allows for fast changes to the structure of the website. Navigation is available throughout the page and is quite intuitive.

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