Using URLRewrite mappings in separate file

Nowadays, Programmer rarely know that .Net Framework could actually do the rewrite through the .Net URL Rewrite itself without using the third-party application to call the .htaccess rules from Apache and do not need to use APE to run the rules.

But do you know that with URL Rewrite rules that applied to the web.config file, you could actually call it externally without messed up such as the .htaccess.

By right, the format of the URL rewrite rules could as simply as below.

<rewriteMap name=”Redirects”>
<add key= “/ oldurl” value=”/newurl” />
<add key= “/ otheroldurl” value=”/othernewurl” />

You could applied the above rules to your web.config file, however you could do the below calling function from external file.
<rewriteMaps configSource=”rewritemaps.config” />

We named the another file called rewritemaps.config, and you may applied all of the rewrite rules over there.

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