Troubleshoot IIS7 Failed Request with Tracing

To enable Failed-Request Tracing from IIS 7, you may follow here,
1. Launch IIS7 (inetmgr in Windows Run.)
2. In the connections pane, expand the machine name, expand Sites and click on your domain entry such as
3. In the action pane, click on Failed Request Tracing.

4. In the Edit Web Site Failed Request Tracing Setting,click on the Enable checkbox  and press OK.
5. Now, go back to the site named
6. Click on the icon, Failed Request Tracing Rules.
7. In action pane, click Add.
8. In the Add Failed Request Tracing Rules wizard, select All content (*).
9. In the Define Trace Condition, define the status code such as 404.2, click Next.
10. Select the Provider, Verbosity and Areas then click Finish.

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