Typeperf – Windows Command Line Monitoring Tools

typeperf is a good tools for Windows IT Professional to monitoring their server/PC through command prompt instead of GUI interface.

To understand more on typeperf, simply type in typeperf /?

To get all of the counter that can be listed in typeperf, you may enter the following command,

C:\> typeperf –q > c:\counter.txt

To define a counter live from your PC,

C:\> typeperf "\processor(*)\% Processor Time"

If you prefer to get from remote server,

C:\> typeperf "\processor(*)\% Processor Time" -s mickgenie.localhost


Windows: Generate CSR key with IIS7

This article used to guide you on how to generate CSR(Certificate Signing Request) key from IIS7.

1. Select Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager or run from Windows Run with command “inetmgr”.
2. In the IIS Manager, choose your server name.
3. In your Middle panel, select Server Certificate.
4. Select on the “Create Certificate Request option” in the right panel.
5. In the Wizard, enter your information like image above.
6. Next, remain the service provider and change the bit length to at least 2048. You are advise to select 2048 and above for better security.
7. Save your certificate.

How to use two skype from a PC

If you have multiple skype account and wish to sign into them simultaneously, you may actually configure them as step as below.

Access from Windows Run command.
1. Open Windows Run.

2. Type in the command as below.

"c:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\skype.exe" /secondary

3. Launch it and you shall see it is running as image below.

Configure as shortcut,
1. Go to the folder that you wish to place the shortcut such as Desktop.
2. Right click and select New then click on shortcut.
3. Enter the path as below.

4.Click Next and press Finish in next screen.