PlayOnLinux – Run Windows Application on Linux

PlayOnLinux is a piece of software which allows you to easily install on your Linux box and it will just like running on Microsoft Windows.

It come with numerous games and apps that could just run with cost-free from your Linux box.

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– More than 500 applications
– More than 13 classifications
– More than 300 softwares vendor partners
– Available for softwares and pc games
– Available for Windows and MAC platform
– Super low value at a minimum discount off 90% -70%

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Windows XP Like Linux Operating System: Ylmf OS

If you still recall Windows XP, it is very useful and quite good to go for the end user.

But, since the Windows XP have discontinue and you will no longer able to get update and support from Windows XP, you may now consider Ylmf OS which come with Ubuntu 10.04 based and having the Windows XP based.

With Ylmf OS, it is come with,
– Ubuntu 10.04
– OpenOffice Suite 3.2
– Classic Windows XP UI
– Linux Wine for Windows Application.
– Firefox, etc.

To download it, you may get it from Ylmf OS Official website as URL below.

To understand how to install it, please refer to the Ylmf OS Installation Page as below.