Microsoft WebMatrix Beta

Microsoft WebMatrix is a cool thing that allow you to easily support and install your application within your server without much knowledge on how to manually setup your IIS, database engine, etc.

With WebMatrix, you can easily install IIS Developer Express which known as IIS Express, ASP.Net (.Net Framework), SQL Server Express(MSSQL Express), etc easily and with just a click.

How to install WebMatrix?
As you know, Microsoft do have Web Platform Installer and you can look for WebMatrix from there.

Managing and maintain database engine.
– By using WebMatrix, you can easily maintain your SQL within the user interface.

Mick Genie still exploring WebMatrix and shall share more tips on WebMatrix 🙂

IIS 7.0 Administration Pack

I have not blog for a month :P. It was a very busy month for January(lazy for me, actually).

Today, got to share something with our friend again which known as IIS 7.0.Administration Pack and I will highlight the FastCGI Setting for IIS 7.0.

Normally, when you install PHP FastCGI with IIS 7.0, you will not have the UI(User Interface) setting from your IIS 7.0, but you may install IIS 7.0 Administration Pack to allow you IIS to show the setting from IIS.

Refer to the URL as below and choose the Administration pack which suite to your system.

Install it, and you are done.

Look to your IIS and select on the machine name, you shall get the FastCGI setting overthere.


IIS(Microsoft) have give web hosting user a big help as they have come out a new application named SiteShell. SiteShell help to protect Microsoft Windows server to reduce the attackeds from exploiting the weakness and vulnerabilities of a websites.

SiteShell is a Software WAF (Web Application Firewall) which effectively protects the website and its data from attacks exploiting the weakness and vulnerabilities of websites (e.g. SQL injection or cross site scripting). SiteShell offers various special features including “online blacklist update” and “intuitive user interface”.

Below is the feature listed by IIS dot Net for SiteShell.

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