How to Configure WordPress to Use CDN(Content Delivery Network)

As you know, is running with CDN as my previous post on Mick Genie found out the website loading time actually faster than earlier.

Now, Mick Genie going to guide you how to install CDN and configure it with your WordPress.

What is CDN(Content Delivery Network)?
Content Delivery Network as known as Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a computer system contain a copies of static data of your blog from the central server from the world.

Advantage to get CDN

  • Speed – With CDN, all of your static file such as image, javascript, etc will store to the CDN central server. You will get the latest cache file from the central server depend on your Geographically area, hence the speed load will be faster than usual.
  • Security – With CDN, it adds additional of the security level, CDN concept said that when your bottleneck under attack, all of the attack not going through to your hosted server only, but it is actually separate to all of the central server and the attack level will slow down.
  • Availability – With large network of the central server, the availability of the network is better than single server.

CDN Provider
There are some CDN provider by now, and actually using services from ExaBytes Network.

How to Install CDN
Step 1: Get the CDN provider.
If you interested to purchase CDN services, you may contact ExaBytes Sales team here.

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IIS(Microsoft) have give web hosting user a big help as they have come out a new application named SiteShell. SiteShell help to protect Microsoft Windows server to reduce the attackeds from exploiting the weakness and vulnerabilities of a websites.

SiteShell is a Software WAF (Web Application Firewall) which effectively protects the website and its data from attacks exploiting the weakness and vulnerabilities of websites (e.g. SQL injection or cross site scripting). SiteShell offers various special features including “online blacklist update” and “intuitive user interface”.

Below is the feature listed by IIS dot Net for SiteShell.

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