cPanel: Howto Resize tmp

This article will guide you how to resize the tmp drive from your cPanel server.

To get rid of /tmp drive keep on full, you may follow the following step,
1.  Stop the following services,

service httpd stop
service mysql stop

2. Un-mount the following drive

umount /var/tmp
umount /usr/tmp (if you are using VPS)
umount /tmp

3. Remove the temporary space

rm -f /usr/tmpDSK

4. Assign the tmp drive space (in bytes).

replace 512000 [value] -- /scripts/securetmp

Assign /tmp to 1GB
eg. replace 512000 1024000 -- /scripts/securetmp

5. Execute and apply it.


6. Start the services again,

service mysql start
service httpd start


Resize new Partition with Windows Vista/Windows 7

If you come with Windows Vista or Windows 7 and which to resize your current used disk, you may use the default disk management to resize your disk to several partitions as Windows Vista/Windows 7 do built in this functionality.

To get to this utility, run ‘diskmgmt.msc’ from your Windows Run.

In the Disk Management screen, right click the drive that you wish to resize the space.

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