How to Install Redmine 1.4 with cPanel 11.32

The reason I repost this article is because my previous article is old enough and I still can see the demand on this task.

– Ruby On Rails 1.8.x enabled, please downgrade to 1.8.7, 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 if your are running higher than that. To check the Ruby version, type “ruby -v” from shell.
– Shell Access(SSH) enabled
– MySQL Enabled
– Rubygems <= 1.8

1. Install gem rails version 2.3.14(exact version), from SSH shell, run

gem install rails -v=2.3.14

2. Install gem rack version 1.1.3, from SSH shell, run

gem install rack -v=1.1.3

3. Install gem rubygems 1.8.23(or higher version, not >= 1.8), from SSH shell, run


If it is not working, refer to
4. Create MySQL database from your cPanel and I assume that you are using the database as detail below.
Database Name: mickgenie_redmine
Username: mickgenie_redmine
Password: StR0NgPa$$w0Rd

Installation Step:
1. Log into the cPanel, click on Ruby On Rails.
2. In the App Name, enter Redmine, environment session select Production and create the App.
3. Click on Create Rewrite button and enter the subdomain or path that needed, then save it.
4. Download Redmine from RubyForce.
5. Upload through File Manager according to the path that you created from the Ruby On Rails.
6. Extract the file to the RoR Apps.
7. Install bundler gem by enter,

gem install bundler

8. Now, run the following command to install all the required gem from Redmine,

bundle install --without development test postgresql

9. Rename the in config/database.yml.example to config/database.yml.
10. Open the database.yml file and look for the production section.
11. Modify the production section as detail below.
adapter: mysql
database: mickgenie_redmine
host: localhost
username: mickgenie_redmine
password: StR0NgPa$$w0Rd

(These information is create as above).
12. Create session store secret.

rake generate_session_store

13. Create the database structure.

RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate

14. Create default data.

RAILS_ENV=production rake redmine:load_default_data

15. You have done the installation, just go to cPanel and start the mongrel.

Final Step:
You may now log into Redmine with detail below,
Username: admin
Password: admin

cPanel: Assigned dedicated IP to subdomain

You might want to assign dedicated IP to your subdomain for some reason such as apply SSL to your subdomain.

If you are using cPanel and wish to set dedicated IP to your subdomain, you will find no else where to do that.

However, this could still be able to fix as this article.

– You have domain and subdomain
– You wish to set dedicated IP for which originally and result as resolve to

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IIS PHP Manager

1 week ago, IIS come out PHP Manager to allow IIS user to easily manage their PHP setting easily through IIS with interface.

For some reason, IIS PHP Manager only supported IIS7 and above but not lower version such as IIS6 as an extension of IIS7. Get your PHP Manager here.
IIS PHP Manager x86
IIS PHP Manager x64

Get your feature from your website.

With PHP Manager, you are able to do the following thing.

1. Change PHP Version.
2. Configure error_reporting easily.
3. Set runtime limits.
4. Manage all setting with GUI interface.
5. Enable extension easily.

With PHP Manager, you can easily change the PHP version as image above.

With PHP Manager, it allow you to enable the error log easily as well.

WebSite Down for Everyone Or Just Me?

Sometimes, you might wonder if a website is down for the world or just down for you as you might get some information from your friend that your site is working but you are not able to access to your site.

With many reason from the Internet, you might not able to access to certain site from your location. It might because your IP is being blocked by the server, website or ISP or other reason. You might have a generally reliable internet connection from a site such as, and so it can be extremely confusing to find that you are suddenly unable to access a particular web page. If it is a site that you do not normally have any trouble visiting, then you may not understand why you are being denied access all of a sudden. The first step in figuring out a solution to your problem is determining whether the site is down for everyone, or just for you. Fortunately, there is now an incredibly easy way to do this.

With, you may track whether the site is down for all or down for you.

Lowest Numbered MX Record Points to localhost

If you are using cPanel server and you might get this error from your exim_mainlog very often whenever sending and receiving email.

temporarily rejected RCPT <[email protected]>: lowest numbered MX record points to localhost

The reason of this error message is the is missing from either the /etc/localdomains file or /etc/remotedomains file. The difference between two of these file is that, they decide whether the email has to be delivered locally or through a remote server by the exim email services.

To get it fix, add your to /etc/localdomains file to last line(new line each domain).