How to minimize/hide your Thunderbird to System Tray

If you are the Mozilla Thunderbird and might alway close it accidentally as it do not allow you to minimize to System Tray.

Somehow, with Mozilla Thunderbird Plugin allow you to do so but you will found out the outdated plugin not allow you to install it.

To done this, you must have the following application install.
1. Mozilla Thunderbird(any version).
2. WinRar or 7-zip.

Ok, let us start now and Mick Genie will show you instant way and manual way.

Manual Way(modify the file yourself)
1. Download the Plugin from OR Download here.
2. Extract the file.
3. Open the file with WinRAR(I’ll guide you through WinRAR).
4. Extract the file install.rdf only.
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How WordPress feeds working?

Recently Mick Genie concentrate to Feed (RSS) from all around the world and found out that it is useful for a Tech Savvy to understand and know the news around the world.

To avoid outdate from the line Mick Genie stand right now, FeedDemon become my good friend. However, we are not discussing this by today but Mick Genie will guide you how the WordPress feeds working.

WordPress do built-in some feeds with RDF, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, ATOM for mail blog and your comments. To understand for more, please refer to detail below,

Feeds format for permalink, (RSS 2.0 format) (RSS 2.0 format) (RSS 0.92 format) (RDF/RSS 1.0 format) (Atom format)

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