Show Detailed Error when Moodle show blank page

One of the customer is facing blank page when they are using Moodle application but they can’t find a way to show the error from Apache error_log.

After search around from the Internet, it is found out Moodle used their custom PHP ini_set function to define the PHP value.

In order to show the detailed error which got from Moodle, simply add the following code to the config.php file.

ini_set ('display_errors', 'on');
ini_set ('log_errors', 'on');
ini_set ('display_startup_errors', 'on');
ini_set ('error_reporting', E_ALL);

Now, browse to your page again and you should see the detailed error by now.

Enable error_log from IIS PHP

To enable error_log from IIS, it is not hard, but you have to consider the size of log might not easy to manage by Windows Operating System, unless you have installed the Resource tools kit to allow you to tail the log.

Alternatively, you may alway disable this feature but to enable when you needed.

Step to get it done.

1. Browse to the PHP directory that installed for PHP.(Usually go to C:\Program Files\PHP\, but this tutorial will teach you on simple directory of C:\php\)
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