Fix Corrupted Windows NTFS file system with Ubuntu

If you have a Windows box that found it’s NTFS file system corrupted but you do not want to get the issue fixed by rescue disk, you may refer to this article.

To get it done, you may install Ubuntu to your USB drive.
1. Open Terminal Windows.
2. Run the following command,
sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g
sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs
3. With these tools, you could access to the Windows partition and fix them.
4. Now, run these command,
sudo fdisk -l
5. Find the device that come with NTFS and run the following command,
sudo ntfsfix /dev/<device name>
device name eg. /dev/sda2

Remove Grub from your Box

I just faced this problem a moment ago, I have removed my Linux Operating System(Ubuntu) from my partition where I applied dual boot Operating System previously.

Somehow, I were removed the partition through disk management from Windows Vista and the error as below found once rebooted the box.

Grub Error,

Error 17.

If you get the same error and could like to removed Grub. Use the step as below.

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