cPanel License Checklist

If you using cPanel as your server control panel and you might found out the license expired error message for sometimes.

First of all, you should check if your server hostname is Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). To do this, log into your SSH, type hostname.
$ hostname

Your hostname should appear like instead of mickgenie only.

Next, you may check from cPanel verify site as URL below if your license have expired.

Then you should check if your primary IP of the server match to the registered license IP. Log into your SSH again and type,
$ curl

If the IP not match, contact cPanel on that.

Lastly, verify or update your license as script below from SSH.

Enabling Permalink from WordPress with IIS7.x

This article is applicable for WordPress user who used IIS7.x as their web services and not able to work correctly with the permalink.

1. Log into your WordPress. Select on Setting and click on Permalink Settings.

2. Select any of the Common Setting or Custom Structure.
3. Click Update Permalink Structure button.
4. Now, you will see your blog get 404 error when click on any post or pages. No worry, refer to the following step to get this fix.
5. Log into your DotNetPanel file manager or FTP, modify the web.config file from your root folder (probably wwwroot folder) and add the following code to the web.config file.

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