Add multiple IPs to Windows Server

Imagine you have 20 IPs to add to your Windows Server and it is not an easy job to add them one by one.

To easily add them to the Windows server, you may use the following command format to add them.

netsh interface ip add address "Local Area Connection"

To add IP from to, you may use the following command,

FOR /L %I IN (2,1,21) DO netsh interface ip add address "Local Area Connection" 192.168.0.%I

Enable ICMP request through Windows Server 2008 firewall

With Windows Server 2008, the server firewall setting will be very different with Windows Server 2003 or earlier version.

As many people do not know how to enable or disable some port or IP as Windows Server 2008 do come with Windows Firewall with advance setting. You may actually run the following command from your command prompt.

1. Open command prompt (cmd).
2. Enter the following command,
netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8

Otherwise, you may use the following step.
1. Open Run command.
2. Run firewall.cpl and enter.
3. Select with Windows Firewall with additional security.
4. Enable “file and printer sharing (ICMP requestv4)”

Additional note, you may disable it by typing the following line.
netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 disable

MySQL Stored Procedures Permission problem

With MySQL 5.0.x and if you are using Stored procedures, you might found out the normal user are not able to use it to call the Stored procedures.

Although this is fixed when you are using MySQL 5.1.x, but your server might still stick to the MySQL 5.0.x. To overcome this problem, you may follow the step as below to get it fixed.

Log into the MySQL server to run the SQL Query.
1. Type in, GRANT SELECT ON mysql.proc TO [email protected]’’; where username is the MySQL username and is your IP or MySQL hostname.
2. Second line, you may flush the privileges, type in,  FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

You have done.


To create FTP Over SSL, you will need to have at least IIS 7.0 and above with IIS 7.0 installed.

You may refer to the URL as below on how to create IIS FTP.

To get FTP over SSL, you will need to install SSL Certificate on your Web Engine (IIS). To get the SSL Certificate, you may purchase the SSL from CA(Certificate authority), alternatively, you may install Self Signed SSL.

1. Click on the Server Certificates from your IIS 7.x. Continue reading Create IIS FTP Over SSL(FTPS)

What is DNS?

What would be a DNS from your mind? DNS could be Domain Name Service or Domain Name System.

By right a domain name will referring to the DNS setting and understand which web server or server should it go and an Internet User could only able to get the page work from their Browser.

Basically, DNS could be the group in 2 major group where I will separate it to parent DNS and child DNS. With Parent DNS, it meant that the DNS of your domain name set that referring to your DNS server such as and

Once the parent DNS setting up, the domain will connect to the DNS server and you will have A, CNAME, MX, TXT, and so on record to refer so the subdomain, email services and some rules called from TXT will done accordingly.

Below is some of the record available.
1. Address Record (A record),
A record normally used by an IPs only where it could resolve to 4 blocked of IP which something like and you shall not point it to a domain base such as and this will cause it not working.

2. Canonical Name (CNAME),
CNAME used a user-friendly domain name such as to allow a user do not need to remember the IPs based address and this is easily for a web services to connect to different server if they have more than 1 server within the subdomain.

3. Mail Exchange(MX),
MX record used for the email services and it used to recognize if you have more than 1 email server and if you have backup email services.

4. Text (TXT),
TXT record is widely used when a DNS services contain a Sender Verify Framework(SPF) were used to protect spamming record, etc.

TXT also used when you have a domain key such as Yahoo! email services protection.

How to set OpenDNS as your Internet DNS with Windows 7

OpenDNS is widely used by the Internet user as it do come with some security protection and many more.

With Microsoft Windows 7, you may easily setup your Internet DNS with OpenDNS.

Use the following step to get your OpenDNS setting up.

1. Open your Control Panel and look for Network. Click on “Network and Sharing Center”.

2. You shall see the active network as above where Mick Genie using bogo as the network SSID and you may click on the Connections where I am using Wireless Network now.
3. Click on the Properties button.
4. Double click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IP4)”.

5. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses:”.
6. Insert the IP as below,

WebSite Down for Everyone Or Just Me?

Sometimes, you might wonder if a website is down for the world or just down for you as you might get some information from your friend that your site is working but you are not able to access to your site.

With many reason from the Internet, you might not able to access to certain site from your location. It might because your IP is being blocked by the server, website or ISP or other reason. You might have a generally reliable internet connection from a site such as, and so it can be extremely confusing to find that you are suddenly unable to access a particular web page. If it is a site that you do not normally have any trouble visiting, then you may not understand why you are being denied access all of a sudden. The first step in figuring out a solution to your problem is determining whether the site is down for everyone, or just for you. Fortunately, there is now an incredibly easy way to do this.

With, you may track whether the site is down for all or down for you.

cPanel License Checklist

If you using cPanel as your server control panel and you might found out the license expired error message for sometimes.

First of all, you should check if your server hostname is Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). To do this, log into your SSH, type hostname.
$ hostname

Your hostname should appear like instead of mickgenie only.

Next, you may check from cPanel verify site as URL below if your license have expired.

Then you should check if your primary IP of the server match to the registered license IP. Log into your SSH again and type,
$ curl

If the IP not match, contact cPanel on that.

Lastly, verify or update your license as script below from SSH.

Replace your text from a file

In Unix, basically you could easily replace all of the specific text to another text without using the editor.

By using replace command, you could replace your text within seconds.

The structure of the replace command will be as below.

replace old_text new_text — file


replace — /var/named/

with the command above, the IP of will change to for file /var/named/