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As BrowseHappy site explanation,

Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. Browse Happy is a
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Now, understand the latest Internet Browser by browse to Browse Happy.

Apps Sharing: Google Chrome to Phone

I believe that most of your friend, even you are using SmartPhone. What is your favorite SmartPhone Internet Browser? Some will say Opera Mini, Safari, etc.

Today, MGe Would recommend Google Products named Google Chrome to Phone where this is a SmartPhone Apps used for Android System.

If you interested to get this application, download from here.

Sony Ericsson Sync step

Ha… You will never know I am still with my Sony Ericsson old phone that with me since 2005. My phone with Sony Ericsson K700 now and I’m still satisfy with it. Somehow the navigator button made me headache and I have problem to move the navigator all of the time.

Day ago, I found out actually this phone do come with sync function and I have found out the step and host to backup it.

To done it, you may refer to the step as below.
1. Browse to the URL of from your Internet Browser.
2. Sign up an account and activate it through your email.

3. Once it is done, scroll down from the page and click on Add phone from Sync another phone as image above.

4. Select your phone model.

5. Enter the phone number and click next.

6. The setting will send through your phone through SMS, if it’s required a pin code, just enter as instructed and I am not getting the Pin Code request.

Download file easily with RapidShare and MegaUpload

Sometimes, you might want to download some ebook that shared from the RapidShare or MegaUpload, but for some reason, you might stop using it as you are not able to download the split file with the same time as it is limitation of the file speed, number of file download, etc.

For some user, they might using some Internet Browser addon to bypass this and using the proxy server to download those file, but there is another easy way I could recommend you.

Below is the step.
1. Go to
2. Register an account.
3. Go to Free URL Leech.
4. Add your URL and click Upload.
5. Download your File.

WHMCS Email Piping with Google Apps Mail

If you are using WHMCS as your ticketing support and you wish to connect to Google Apps email. You may go through this article.

With this article, Mick Genie assumed that you have the WHMCS installed and work properly. At the same time,  assume that you have the email created with POP mail enabled and MX record pointed to Google Apps Email server.

To check if you have POP mail enabled, refer to step as below.

1. Log into your mailbox.
2. Select on Settings on top right of your Internet Browser.
3. Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
4. On POP Download section, select on “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on”.
5. Save it.

In the WHMCS department setting, configure the email setting as detail below.
port: 995
user: [email protected]

If you done the above setting and still failed with error below,

An Error Occurred: Can’t connect to,995: Connection refused and Host: Email: [email protected] An Error Occurred: Too many login failures.

Try to perform telnet as detail below if the connection from your WHMCS server allow port 995.

telnet 995

1. You may try to check if you have firewall and may allow port 995 if it is working.

Site Hacked and get alert from Google Safe Browsing

Sometime, you might see the Google Safe Browsing prompt when you browse to any of the website with Mozilla Firefox or any Internet Browser or even your own website.

You might wonder why you will getting these alert? There are many reasons.

1. Blame your webmaster who help you to upload your web file to the server and their PC got trojan, etc and indirectly infected your site.
2. If you are the one who upload or update the website content, please don’t surf porn site :-P, don’t surf free codec site, etc etc.
3. Try not to use shareware software where will come with the so called addon.
4. Lastly, blame your hosting server is not save.

By right, if you are the domain administrator and if your site get infected, all of the email as user ID below will get the notification.

Next, you should clean the malware or replace the hacked script.
1. Take down your website from public access.
2. Scan the script through the up-to-date Anti-Virus software.
3. Remove the attacked script or file.
4. Reset all password such as control panel, FTP, administrative section, etc.

Lastly, you should ask Google to review your website again.
1. Log into the Google Webmaster Tool.
2. Click on the Diagnostic and click on Malware.
3. Click request a review.