Linux: disk usage command – du

du is a standard unix command to calculate disk space from Unix/Linux system.

To get the sum space of the directory,


To get sum space with human-readable,

du -sh

To get sub directories space

du -sh *

To get sub directories space with all hidden folder,

du -sk .[!.]* * | sort -n

Firefox Profile preferences cleaner

For some of you who really like Mozilla Firefox, you might install some plugin and trying to uninstall it when you found it is not useful anymore for you.

However, you might found out your Mozilla Firefox is slower and slower than earlier. What you need to do is optimized the prefs.js from your Firefox profile, but do you actually understand what is inside there?

Most of the people will say no. But you may now done it easily through the Firefox Prefs.js Cleaner.

1. get the cleaner from 5pm Post.
2. Open any folder and enable hidden folder to be showed.
3. Select Option and click on the Folder Options.
4. Select View tab.
5. In the Hidden files and folders option, click on the radio button of “Show hidden files, folders, and drivers”, apply it.
6. Extract the zip file and open it.
7. Open the folder %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles where it will like C:\Users\username\AppData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile. Select your Firefox Profile.

8. Click on the unwanted addon and select remove selected. Well done.