Gmail Attachment reminder

Do you know that Google Mail (Gmail) contain automatic reminder if you forgotten to attached the attachment together with your email?

Not only certain famous email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc contain this feature but today, Gmail do have such feature as well.

Some keyword that will track if you have forgotten your attachment will be as below,

  • I have attached
  • I’ve attached
  • I have included
  • I’ve included
  • see the attached
  • attached file

GMail adds Drag and Drop Image Insertion

GMail just picked up another feature which adding drag and drop image insertion feature with Picasa value added feature to GMail and you are now able to insert the image through the post directly through the GMail webmail interface.

However, Google Team claim that this feature only supported for Google Chrome browser at the moment and Mick Genie have tested it is working well. 🙂

Be the Bot like Google and Yahoo

Google Bot is the term for Google’s automated web crawling services that is linked to the Google Search Engine and it is the same like Yahoo! Bot. Google will send out a request to webpage to use a Google Bot as user agent.

Sometimes, you will lock out from normal browsing and required a login to view the full page of information, but using the Google bot, it will allow you to go through the page as short description and allow you to view the whole content. To bypass the login, you may use the Be the bot.

Be the bot is a website used to act as Google Bot as it will mark the browsing as Google Header instead of web browser browsing.

This work on all pages that allow Google Bot and Yahoo! Bot to completed access the page without buying it or register as first.

External Web Page Performance Test

Nowadays, the web page performance testing tool such as Mozilla Firefox plugin firebug with page speed, Yahoo! YSlow, Google Chrome Developer Tool, you may try to use the external web page performance test tool named PageTest (

The web page  test allow you to test your website performance with single web site or comparison.

Below is the sample result from the single website.

Below is the comparison website performance.

Set SPF records for Google Apps

Nowadays, many user use Google Apps for their own domain such as but they do not know Google Apps did allow them to apply SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to their email to protect spamming issue.

By using SPF records, it allow domain owners to specify which hosts are permitted to send email on behalf of their domains. Normal SMTP allows any computer to send an email claiming to be from anyone. Thus, it’s easy for spammers to send emails with forged From: addresses. SPF allows a domain owner to use a special format of DNS TXT records to specify which machines or hosts are authorized to transmit email for their domain; this makes it difficult to forge From: addresses.

To set your domain’s SPF record, you should have access to your domain’s DNS settings. On your DNS resource, publish the following TXT record: v=spf1 ~all

Google Talk Apps

It is not new to know this, but have to share this as I am hard to get the actual ways to get this apps again for now.

Let see the following list for the option could apply to your blog.


One Line Basic

Two Line Basic

Hyperlink with Icon(where I apply now)

Hyperlink only

and last one is the coding part only(I am not convenience to show here :P)