Linux: Generate SSL CSR Key with Apache Linux

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This article used to guide you to create the CSR(Certificate Signing Request) from your Apache machine.

Web Server: Linux
Web Service: Apache

1. First of all, you will need to create a key pair.

openssl genrsa -out 2048

– Replace the with your domain name.
– The number of 2048 used to determined the bit-length of your certificate, where you are advise to have 2048 and above.

2. You will be asking for the pass phrase and you may enter any strong password.

3.  Next, you will need to generate the CSR.

openssl req -new -key -out

Next, you will be asking for Country Name, State or Province, Locality or City, Company, Organizational Unit, Common Name and Email Address.

4. Get your CSR and purchase the SSL from SSL provider.

Should I change my password?

Did your email password being released to public? You may check which will help you to check from the database if your password is being compromised.

To done it, browse to the site of and simply enter your email address. Then click on Check it! button.

*Note: Use this site for your own risk as this is not designed by any party of

Enable ActiveSync for Google Apps

ActiveSync is important for today mobile device as it allow your mobile device to get up-to-date messages.

By default, Google Apps do not enable the ActiveSync feature alhtough it is supported by Google Apps.

To enable Google Apps ActiveSync from your account,

1. Log into the Google Apps account.
2. Click on the Mobile Options.

3. Click on “Enable Google Sync” and Save it.
4. You have done it.

To Setup your Mobile device,
1. Use your full Google Apps email address as your user name (e.g. “[email protected]”) rather than just your username (e.g “user”)
2. Use “” as the Exchange ActiveSync server name.
3. Enable SSL.

Email Icon Generator

Nowadays, you might getting many unwanted email message from your mailbox and you mark them as junk email(spamming mail). By the way, did you ever think how these email get your mailbox address?

Many of the times, the junk email you got came from any of your signature from forum, contest, etc.

Do you ever think to get an image signature such as below?

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