Basic Network Commands in Windows

Today, I will show some Network commands used in Windows Operating System. You might use some of the command daily and some of it which is useful but you have never used it.

This is a tools that always use to check the DNS information such as ns, a, mx, txt, etc. Sometimes, it is important to check the DNS if your domain entered to the expired and you have forgotten to renew your domain name causing the domain provider temporarily change your DNS information.

tracert is trace route in Linux and it is the same like trace route, with tracert, you are allowed to understand the hop route from your PC to the server (destination).

arp -a
With the command “arp -a”, it gives you the IPs list of your internal network and easily to allow you to know which IPs used in your network if you are not using DHCP network.

ping is the mostly used to understand if a domain or IP able to return the response in short time.

ipconfig is widely used by network administrator to test out some of the testing on the internal network and the command could be /all, /flushdns, etc.

pathping is the advance(newer version) of tracert and it show you the result in another method.