Microsoft WebMatrix Beta

Microsoft WebMatrix is a cool thing that allow you to easily support and install your application within your server without much knowledge on how to manually setup your IIS, database engine, etc.

With WebMatrix, you can easily install IIS Developer Express which known as IIS Express, ASP.Net (.Net Framework), SQL Server Express(MSSQL Express), etc easily and with just a click.

How to install WebMatrix?
As you know, Microsoft do have Web Platform Installer and you can look for WebMatrix from there.

Managing and maintain database engine.
– By using WebMatrix, you can easily maintain your SQL within the user interface.

Mick Genie still exploring WebMatrix and shall share more tips on WebMatrix 🙂

Restore MySQL database with MySQLdump

MySQL database is one of the famous database engine used from the IT world.

To you might have a question such as how to move the current hosted database to another server? Actually it is very easy through the command line.

You may refer to the step as below to restore your database file.

Restore database with password.

mysql -h [remote_IP] -u [username] -p [password] [database_name] < [database_name].sql

Restore database without password

mysql -h [remote_IP] -u [username] [database_name] < [database_name].sql

Restore database from the remote server(you’ve logged into the server that wish to restore database)

mysql -u [username] [database_name] < [database_name].sql

How to repair your MySQL databases

If you are using MySQL databases as your database engine, you surely ever get the error message as below if your database grown day by day.

Table “table” is marked as crashed and should be repaired.

To understand MySQL database table with MyISAM type, you will have .frm, .MYI and .MYD type, so the data stored from MyISAM type is storing to .MYI file extension.

To repair the database, open your SSH Console, type the following command.

myisamchk -o /path_to_mysql/database_name/table_name.MYI

where the table_name is the table name.

If you got tmp drive too low, you may add the following command from the my.ini or my.cnf.

tmpdir = /home/mysql/tmp

assume you assign the path to /home/mysql/tmp/.

Your website shall working without any issue now.