MySQL ODBC DSN: Invalid Attribute string

Today, I found out a Server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with 64 bits server getting error of Invalid Attribute String error when click on the ODBC Manager.

Actually, I still suspected that the server did not install the current 64 bits ODBC but applied 32 bits ODBC DSN only.

After checking from this case, end up I have tried to reinstall the ODBC directly from MySQL Connector page as below.

With this step, it fixed the problem automatically and all ODBC work without any issue.

How much of traffic your website can handle?

You might wonder how much of traffic your website can handle, in order to test out if your current hosting package/server could fulfill your need and able to allow your user to surf your website smoothly.

To test out your website could handler how much of the traffic, you may simply visit to, enter your domain name as above image then select the Free Test and run it.

With Free Test, you could only able to test out up to 30 clients. As you can see the result as above, only could support up to 20+ users a time as it is hosted from shared server by now. 🙂

Maximize your Laptop Battery Life

Recently, Mick Genie do change the laptop’s battery as the battery life last for 10 minutes only and it is quite not convenience for a machine which known as portable style.

Mick Genie do satisfy with the current new battery although it is just a 6 cells battery.

Today, Mick Genie will introduce a free program so-called BatteryCare. With these program, you are able to alert the Battery information, CPU temperature, and Hard Drive Temperature with just mouse over the system tray.

By right-click on the BatteryCare, you may manage you setting or other as image below.

With BatteryCare, you may actually know the basic and detailed information on your need and it allow you to know the discharges information for your battery as well where this is where you do know when to replace your new battery. Continue reading Maximize your Laptop Battery Life

Restore MySQL database with MySQLdump

MySQL database is one of the famous database engine used from the IT world.

To you might have a question such as how to move the current hosted database to another server? Actually it is very easy through the command line.

You may refer to the step as below to restore your database file.

Restore database with password.

mysql -h [remote_IP] -u [username] -p [password] [database_name] < [database_name].sql

Restore database without password

mysql -h [remote_IP] -u [username] [database_name] < [database_name].sql

Restore database from the remote server(you’ve logged into the server that wish to restore database)

mysql -u [username] [database_name] < [database_name].sql

Resize new Partition with Windows Vista/Windows 7

If you come with Windows Vista or Windows 7 and which to resize your current used disk, you may use the default disk management to resize your disk to several partitions as Windows Vista/Windows 7 do built in this functionality.

To get to this utility, run ‘diskmgmt.msc’ from your Windows Run.

In the Disk Management screen, right click the drive that you wish to resize the space.

Continue reading Resize new Partition with Windows Vista/Windows 7