Scheduled MySQL database backup

Assume that you are using crontab to schedule your task which you are using Unix system.

To schedule a database backup, it will be very easy as step below.

1. Log into your SSH.
2. Type “crontab -e” without quote.
3. Enter the command below.

0 0 * * * date=`date -I` ; mysqldump -a -u[user] -p[password]  [dbname] | gzip > /path/folder/[dbname]_$date.sql.gz

where you shall replace the user, password and dbname to your database information.

With the command as above it will actually backup your database by 12.00AM daily and place to the desired path and name with date.

Change crontab editor

Crontab also known as schedule task in Windows Operating System and it is very important for you to schedule your automated script run from anytime without actually taking care on those script time by time in front of your server/PC.

All of the time, vi editor have set as the default editor for crontab and if you like Mick Genie that not like vi but like nano/pico, you may actually change the editor as step below.

Method 1:

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