exim cheatsheet


Some useful cheatsheet for exim command:-

exim -Mrm <Mail ID> Remove certain email ID
exim -bp List the email queue
exim -bpc List the number of queue mail
exim -bp | exiqsumm Print summary of the mail in queue
exiwhat Print what exim is doing right now
exim -bt <[email protected]> Test how a email route from exim
exim -bP Print exim configuration
exim -qff Force delivery mail in queue
exim -M <Mail ID> Force delivery certain mail ID
exim -Mvl <Mail ID> View Email ID log
exim -Mvh <Mail ID> View Email ID header
exim -Mvb <Mail ID> View Email ID body
exiqgrep -f <[email protected]> Search certain sender from queue
exiqgrep -r <[email protected]> Search certain recipient from queue
exiqgrep -o <seconds> Search number of second(s) older than current time
exiqgrep -zi | xargs exim -Mrm Remove all frozen mail.