Request Google Review of your site from Google Webmaster

Many blogger who own their domain name might faced this problem where their site is redirected to Google Safe Browsing site where saying that is being defaced.

To get the site redirected to Google Safe Browsing site stop, you may follow the step as below,

1. Register an account from Google Webmaster.
2. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, select the site you want.
3. Click Diagnostics, and then click Malware.
4. Click Request a review.

References: Google Support

WordPress 3.2? Are you sure?

Every blogger is discussing about WordPress 3.2 and even the self-hosted WordPress dashboard itself is asking to upgrade. But is it necessary to upgrade to WordPress 3.2 for you by now?

First of all, it is not about to backup your WordPress web file and database but you shall consider if your plugin(s) is compatible with WordPress 3.2.

So, you shall go to your WordPress plugins page,
Log into the WordPress, select the plugins sections and click on the Plugins.

Then open URL as below with another browser tab.

Search the plugin(s) one by one from the URL as above and look for the compatible information.

Digi Internet Android Review

Today, I was informed by @thebosscat above this.

Digi Internet is a Malaysia Telecommunication services provider who planned to publish Malaysia blogger article about Android Review.

If you interested to get more traffic links from Digi, you may submit your entry form as URL below.

Then you shall look from the right hand side with the entry form as above.

Happy blogging. 🙂