Backup your Google Docs with GDocBackup

Ever think to backup your Google Docs Document as offline backup?

I am using GDocBackup to done it from my Windows Scheduled Task.
1. Download the GDocBackup with CMD version from here.
2. Extract the file to your PC.
3. Create a bat file and add into scheduled task. The bat content is as below,

mkdir "Backup\%date:~6,4%\%date:~0,2%"
GDocBackupCMD.exe -mode=backup -username=user [email protected] -destDir=D:\Backup\GDoc\Backup\%date:~6,4%\%date:~0,2% -docF=pdf -sprsF=xls -presF=ppt -drawF=pdf

Where you should replace your username, password and destDir to your own variable and the above bat file used to create the folder with year and month or you don’t need it.

For more information, refer to here.