Scheduled Task for .aspx (ASP.Net) file

Normally you may set the scheduled task easily by calling the program or script that you are using/coded, however if you come with the ASP.Net script, are you able to call through the asp dll library directly?

The answer is exactly no, as you may either use your Internet Browser to call your script, but your browser is going to open 1 session for each of your scheduled task ran.

With this article, Mick Genie will guide to use VBS script to call HTTP request to call your ASP.Net script.

1. First, create a .bat file from your notepad, insert cscript mickgenie.vbs and save it as mickgenie.bat.
2. Open another notepad and insert the line as below.
Call Send_HTTP_Request()
Sub Send_HTTP_Request()
On Error Resume Next
Dim objRequest
Set objRequest = CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)
URL = “” //replace your URL HERE “POST”, URL , false
Set objRequest = Nothing
End Sub

3. Set the scheduled task from your box and test it.
4. There do not have step 4 🙂 .

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