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Photo sharing on the internet is simply what most people do now. With more and more people leaving their point-and-shoot cameras at home in favor of using their iPhones, it’s even more important to have photo sharing apps. So it’s about time we had a little round up of the best photo sharing apps and services available for the iPhone to show you the goods.

1 Instagram
This relatively new app has gained an enormous following in a surprisingly short time. Its ease of use, supportive community, and fun artsy filters all contribute to its popularity. When you upload each photo to your stream, you also have the option to upload it to Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, Flickr, and/or Facebook at the same time.

2 Picplz
Currently supporting both the iPhone and Android, plus actually having a desktop Web experience, PicPlz works along the same lines as Instagram. You can snap photos, apply one of the seven included filters and share your photos with friends. Friends without an iPhone or Android device can view your photos on your profile, or you can connect the app with the more traditional social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to post photos outside of the PicPlz-network.

3 Flickr
This popular website powered by Yahoo was one of the first photo-sharing sites to become a household name. It is used by professional photographers and hobbyists to showcase their work to the world. It’s also just as easily used by people who want to share personal snapshots, privately.

4 Path
Similar in some ways to Instagram, Path also lets you create a photo stream. Unlike Instagram, where you can follow and be followed by thousands of people, Path asks you to choose just 50 of your closest friends and family members.

5 Tumblr
You can use the app to upload photo, videos, and text. You can set it to post simultaneously to Twitter as well.


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