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Most developers or web designers find the CSS tools help them in a numerous way by easing their tasks in a fun activity and allow them to create a stylized and optimized websites at the same time, it reduces the time taken to design or developing the websites. In this post, we are sharing some of the tools which you find it helpful and time saving as well.

prefixMyCSS is a new tool (*Note: It is still in Alpha development*) which allows you to use the CSS3 techniques. You may first write the CSS code for your usual browser and paste your code and prefix it. The code will be altered and most browsers’ vendors will be added and you can replace them at your old code and see the magic works.

CSS Text Shadow
Most nicely designed or premium WordPress themes styled their text with shadow text. CSS Text Shadow is a text CSS styled generator  which allows you to choose the fonts, styles and just click on the Get Code button. You may preview the styled Text before pasting it at your styled sheet.

CSS3 Buttonize Framework
Dislike the default Submit Button? Got bored looking at it?  CSS3 Buttonize Framework is a lightweight, flexible instant-button framework where you get to choose the CSS buttons and download the code and your websites are set with stylish buttons. It eases for those who do not know how to use Adobe Illustrator for custom design buttons.

CSS3 Pattern Gallery
One of the amazing techniques of CSS3 is the pattern. The CSS3 pattern gallery contains a numerous of previews of designs which is done only using CSS. This does not involves any images or art. You can simply pick the design you like and click on it, the code will pop up and can be use on your website.

Websites’ grids are one of designers/developers headache as we have different sizes of monitors, varieties of browsers, smartphones  and tablets. SimpleGrid is a CSS grid framework that makes gridding simple including infinite nesting and only one class per element. The layout will auto tune the size of the site visitor’s browser windows.

Normalize.css is a customizable CSS file that makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. Unlike many CSS resets, it comes with a few features such as preserving useful defaults, normalize styles, corrects bugs, improves usability and explaining what the code does.

With Email Marketing is more and more being use for marketing strategies, designers designing for email templates and email brochures may experience lines of codes which may not be supported by email clients.  This tools validates and helps the designers and marketer to ensure that their emails arrive and can be view properly by their targeted clients.

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