MySQL Useful Command

If you are the database administrator, today post will help you to mange your server easily.

mysqladmin ping
-check whether the server is alive

mysqladmin status
-display a short server status message.

mysqladmin variable
-display the server system variables and their value.

mysqladmin proc stat
-all command shortened

mysqladmin processlist
-Shows active mysql connections and queries

mysqladmin drop database_name
-Dropsdeletes the selected database

mysqladmin create database_name
-Creates a mysql database

mysql -u username -p password databasename < databasefile.sql
-Restores a MySQL database from databasefile.sql

mysqldump -u username -p password databasename > databasefile.sql
-Backup MySQL database to databasefile.sql

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  1. just wanted to share useful command obviously that i know

    Steps to check uptime of MySQL service:

    [1] Login to the server via SSH (for Linux) or MySQL server through command line (for windows).

    [2] Type the command mysql

    Now, you will be able see the mysql prompt (mysql>). From here, you can manage the MySQL services as well databases.

    [3] To check the uptime of the MySQL service shoot out the command


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