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Although Mick Genie alway suggested Mozilla Firefox, however it have been found that Mozilla Firefox actaully used up lots of Memory Resource if you open it continuously for 24 hours. I’ve been experiencing this for Google Chrome as well as other Internet Browser.

Today, I’d like to introduce new IE(Internet Explorer) named IE8 (Windows Internet Explorer 8 ) . Maybe you will ask why should I try for Internet Explorer 8, but you may consider new feature as below.

  • view any site with ease – you can quickly display websites that were designed for old browsers with a hit.
  • Get things done faster with Accelerators – Just a right click from your mouse, you could search the word in Encarta, find a place from Live Map, etc.
  • Stay more secure – Protect by SmartScreen Filter.

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Mick Genie

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One thought on “Microsoft/Windows Internet Explorer 8”

  1. Agree that IE8 Accelerators are cool.

    For readers who use Firefox and are new to IE8, I wanted your readers to be aware that Firefox has a version of Accelerators too, it is called “KALLOUT – Accelerators for Firefox” It’s available as a free add-on through Firefox.

    The accelerators from MS will actually work directly with KallOut-Accelerators for Firefox so users can stick with Firefox if they want and still get the benefits of the community-developed accelerators.


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