Maximize your Laptop Battery Life

Recently, Mick Genie do change the laptop’s battery as the battery life last for 10 minutes only and it is quite not convenience for a machine which known as portable style.

Mick Genie do satisfy with the current new battery although it is just a 6 cells battery.

Today, Mick Genie will introduce a free program so-called BatteryCare. With these program, you are able to alert the Battery information, CPU temperature, and Hard Drive Temperature with just mouse over the system tray.

By right-click on the BatteryCare, you may manage you setting or other as image below.

With BatteryCare, you may actually know the basic and detailed information on your need and it allow you to know the discharges information for your battery as well where this is where you do know when to replace your new battery.

With BatteryCare, you could do some setting instead of using Windows Built-in Battery control.

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Mick Genie

Mick Genie is the founder of and working at ExaBytes Network Sdn Bhd and WPWebHost web host company. He is expertise in Windows and Linux environment especially web hosting related information, tips and trick as well as the IT Information.