Install Java JRE on CentOS

Java is one of the Open Source language that widely used by the programmer.

In short, you may install JRE or JDK to allow your server to work with Java where JRE use to be able to run the application and JDK use to allow you to compile the source code and running the application.

To get this done, understand the installation page of JRE from URL below,

Download the 32-bits or 64-bits according to your server. In this case, I will use 64 -bits as example,

1. Download the file,


2.Install it,

sh ./jre-6u26-linux-x64-rpm.bin

3. To check which version of java install,
[email protected][~]# java -version

4. To check where the java installed,
[email protected][~]# which java

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