How to transfer media files between your Mac and iOS devices

Are you one of those people who have a large music library, tired of select albums and playlists to every time you sync your device? Isn’t it annoying that you can not copy videos freely to your iPod or iPhone? Or that you can add some mp4 videos to your iTunes library, but can’t copy them to your devices? Shortly, iTunes is not convenient enough for media transferring.

With SyncPod, these worries no longer exist. This app makes it extremely easy to transfer songs, movies, books and other media files between Mac/iTunes and iOS devices

Getting Started

After you’ve installed SyncPod on your Mac, you will be welcomed by the window below, which offers you a video tutorial on how to best use the app.

Then the main window of the application will appear. You will see that SyncPod automatically starts to index the media content on your device and iTunes library. Library of your device is shown in the left window, iTunes on the right.

Working with SyncPod

Once the scan is finished, you are free to drag music (Individual or albums, playlists, artists, genres, composers), videos, books and more between your device and iTunes library.

There is a quick way to find missing contents: check “Hide duplicate contents on both sides”. Then only the missing contents are shown in the window. Just drag what you want. Another beautiful thing is that all the songs and movies can be directly played in SyncPod. Just double click the file. So what SyncPod does isn’t just syncing, but managing as well.

Developers of SyncPod describe it as a one-stop shop for managing media files between a Mac and iOS device. So what dose one-stop shop mean? Well, for one thing, you can copy files direcly from hard disc to your device. SyncPod saves you the iTunes library step. When it comes to formats that iTunes doesn’t accept, SyncPod even takes care of coverting. That’s pretty handy.

Click on the Folder icon in the right window and find the file you want to add to your device. Then just drag it to the left – the device library. File converting will start automatically. All you need to do next is, well, nothing. A few minutes later, the media will appear on your device.

Another great feature this one-stop shop brings us is copy DVD movies to devices directly. The steps are as simple as drag and drop, SyncPod will make sure the DVD movie is ripped, converted and transferred to your device.

As to the quality of videos converted, you can set it in the Preferences window.

SyncPod vs. FreeSync

The price of SyncPod is USD$39.00, which seems quite reasonable to me. Some may notice that SyncPod has a free lite version: FreeSync. However, given the powerful features SyncPod boasts, I won’t recommend anyone to try FreeSync. FreeSync transfers songs only. And it only deals with formats that iTunes accept. Therefore, it doesn’t support for copying media files in formats that iTunes doesn’t accept directly to your devices. Nor can it copy DVD movies.


Along with the Apple boom, file sync between computers and iOS devices becomes a daily routine for many people. Great apps like SyncPod greatly simplify this process for us. I’m sure that you will love this incredibly handy iPod to Mac transfer.

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