How to check DNSBL automatically?

PEAR::Net_DNSBL provides an easy way to check if a given Host or URL is listed on an DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL, Real-time Blackhole List or RBL) or Spam URI Realtime Blocklist (SURBL).

According to PEAR::Net_DNSBL manual, you may trigger PEAR::Net_DNSBL automatically to check certain IPs that needed.

First of all, you will need to install PEAR::Net_DNSBL as command below,
pear install NET_DNSBL

By referring to the sample script from PEAR::Net_DNSBL manual, I have modified the script to be able to send an email to me when found any IPs range that needed by me as below,

With the above script, I am designing for block /24 IP range, if you need to check certain IP, replace the $ip to the exact IP and remove the for loop from line 7 and 20.

Lastly, you may add on the RBL List to the array if needed. Enjoy 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to check DNSBL automatically?”

  1. I cannot get the script to run for some reason. It is returning a blank line after running this from the command line. File name is dnscheck.php

    php dnscheck.php

    1. Hi Jack,

      By default the sendmail is hidden (last 3 lines), you may remove the // to allow the email to send out.

      Otherwise, you may add these just after mail(..) and it will print from the website/shell.

      echo $message;

    1. Hi Mickey,

      Yes, the given script is the good one as it is designed the Net_DNSBL feature from the function where Net_DNSBL is just as easy to reverse checking the IP only from the provider.

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