HELP! Keep Me Out of these websites!

Social Networking such Facebook can be addicting. With the the Facebook comparison with the fridge, “When you’re bored, you keep opening and closing it every couple of minutes, to see if there’s anything good in!”

This is much affecting the work performance which bosses are not so pleased about and the late of submitting assignments at school. With the, it helps to reduce the time your spend on the websites.  Just follow a few simple steps,

  1. Enter the website that you are addicted to and set the setting for the warning if you are accessing the website more than once in 30mins or more (depending on your configuration)
  2. Click Submit and bookmark it at your browser.

By using the bookmark, it will prevent your from visiting the website so often.

The disadvantages of the website is you will need to use the bookmarked to access to the website in order to use the keepmeout! function. It will not work if you are using the direct link.

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Mick Genie

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