Five Astrological iPad Apps

So you are into astrology? A lot of people are, especially in these tough times. Astrology is more than just looking at the sky though. It’s almost its own science. Here we showcase you five astrology iPad apps you will come handy.

1. iPhemeris

iPhemeris offers 200 years of highly accurate positions. It allows YOU to set the Time and Time Zone of the Ephemeris: GMT or a time in your locale.

2. Elle Astrology

With Elle Astrology, you can check your daily, weekly, monthly, love, career and health horoscopes and Love compatibility based on astrological sign. You could also login to Facebook to check friends’ horoscopes and make love matches with all your friends and Post your horoscope to your Facebook wall or Twitter and share your future with all of your friends.

3. Kairon

Kairon is a more technical application for pro astrology practitioners. It covers thousands of locations around the world. Keep in mind this app does not do any calculations.

4. Centaur Astrology

Centaur astrology is an astrology application for the pros. Its got built-in atlas with more than 270000 places and has all kinds of charts using for readings.

5. Astrolgo

Astrolgo allows you to use any of 20 popular house systems to get your readings. Has over 3000 locations for you to take advantage off.

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  1. Mentioned all Astrological iPad apps are awesome. Currently I am using Astrology Experts App, it’s free. Astrology Experts is to help along with some fun & facts features like Name Harmonizer, Fun Love Calculator, Zodiac Sign Finder, Love Quotes.

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