Enable SEF on Joomla 1.6 with IIS6

I was informed by a customer that when installing Joomla 1.6 with IIS 6 server, and if you enabled SEF (Search Engine Friendly), you will get an Error 404 pages not found error.

To fix this issue, simply add the following line just after the php tag from index.php file and it will look like,


if ( isset( $_SERVER[ 'HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL' ] ) )


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  1. I have an install of joomla on companies penveu.com site. I am trying to set up a Sandbox. Problem is the production site is a LAMP install and it works fine. Inernal Sandbox is Windows IIS MySQL and PHP. The internal site the first page comes up So I know the templates are working. The Javascript is working and When I go to the Articles pages in the admin they all have the same code in them as what is on the production site so I know that MySQL is working as well. Which tells me that the Articles are not being recognized. I have read through several Blogs and they claim that it is the SEO issues. Well tried every fix I could find and I even modified the php code for the redirect that still does not fix it.

    Ideas would be nice!!!

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