cPanel: How to monitor crond services using chkservd

When you are using cPanel cron services, you might found out the cPanel services down without any clue.

With this article, Mick Genie will guide you how to check your crond services by using cPanel chkservd services.

cPanel offer chkservd services to automatically monitor daemon services from the Linux server.

To done this, follow the step as below.
1. Open the file /etc/chkserv.d/crond, pico /etc/chkserv.d/crond
2. Add the command as below to the file.
service[crond]=x,x,x,/etc/init.d/crond restart,crond,root
3. Open the file /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf, pico /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf
4. Add command below to last line of the above file.
5. Restart chkservd services, /scripts/restartsrv chkservd

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  1. thanks for sharing these commands ..Sometimes the crond service fails quite often without any clue and it becomes necessary to monitor the cron service and auto-restart it.

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