Christmas Social Media Icon

If you notice the change from, the social media icon changed day ago.

As is using self host WordPress and do not wish to use plugin to slow down the site loading time, I am adding the addthis script manually.

I will show the exact step being done.
1. Browse to
2. Get the option that you want.
3. I am choosing 64×64 Icons (Aquaticus) for my case.
4. Apply the script trough the WordPress editor.
5. From the style of “The CSS”, you may apply to bottom of the style.css file.
6. For the “The HTML” and “The javascript”, apply it to the single.php just before of the div id=”nav-below”. Remember to use your username from the javascript part.

7. Download the Christmas icon from here.
8. Create a christmas folder from your WordPress apps and upload them.
9. You may modify the script of the “The HTML” suitable to your need such as digg as “addthis_button_digg”, digg.png, Digg wording from the class.

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