Howto: Turn off review/ tell a friend from Zen Cart



With Zen Cart 1.5.0 and lower, you can easily turn off review or tell a friend from Zen Cart.

From Zen Cart itself,

1. Open your Admin.
2. Put the cursor over Catalog on the top menu.
3. Choose Product Types from the dropdown.
4. Choose Products General (or the product type you are customizing).
5. Click Edit Layout and turn off any settings you do not want to display.

From Sideboxes,

To turn off/on the Reviews and/or Tell-A-Friend sideboxes:
1. Open your Admin.
2. Put the cursor over Tools on the top menu.
3. Choose “Layout Boxes Controller” from the pulldown menu
4. You may turn various boxes off/on by editing a particular entry, making the changes, and saving the settings.

For server administrator,

Rename folder inĀ /includes/modules/pages/tell_a_friend/

Howto: Check detailed error from Zen Cart

Today found out one of the customer’s Zen Cart apps getting blank page and there’s no error found from Apache error_log.

To understand the detailed error generated from Zen Cart, you may use the built in debugging tool by Zen Cart.

1. Go to the cache folder from your Zen Cart.
2. Find the file named ‘myDebug-xxxxx.log’ file as xxxxx is the numbers.

Now, you may troubleshoot the problem from Zen Cart.