Linux Portable Apps

Portable Apps is being used by Windows Operating System widely from the Windows user, but they are less portables Apps for Linux World.

By now, a new website named features a number of Linux Portable Apps for Linux Distro for free. With these application, you can run it directly through your thumb drive or even your home drive without installing them.

By this post date(26 July 2010), all of the Linux Portable apps available as below, and it going to update time-by-time.

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Portable Application


Nowadays, people like easy and convenience for everything include a software. A portable application allow user access to their favorite application at anywhere, anytime with a GB of pendrive (thumb drive). provide such application which you may access to your portable application with your pendrive even you at hotel, company, etc without any installation. come with many application such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice, FileZilla, Notepad++, etc. All our daily use application can be use in 1 application.

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You may download your favorite application ONLY by or whole package(suite)