Firefox Profile preferences cleaner

For some of you who really like Mozilla Firefox, you might install some plugin and trying to uninstall it when you found it is not useful anymore for you.

However, you might found out your Mozilla Firefox is slower and slower than earlier. What you need to do is optimized the prefs.js from your Firefox profile, but do you actually understand what is inside there?

Most of the people will say no. But you may now done it easily through the Firefox Prefs.js Cleaner.

1. get the cleaner from 5pm Post.
2. Open any folder and enable hidden folder to be showed.
3. Select Option and click on the Folder Options.
4. Select View tab.
5. In the Hidden files and folders option, click on the radio button of “Show hidden files, folders, and drivers”, apply it.
6. Extract the zip file and open it.
7. Open the folder %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles where it will like C:\Users\username\AppData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile. Select your Firefox Profile.

8. Click on the unwanted addon and select remove selected. Well done.

Mozilla Firefox Plugin – DontPhishMe

I was discovered this article from CypherHackz.Net that MyCERT do have Mozilla Firefox plugin to protect users from Malaysia to get phishing by the Malaysian known Internet Banking page.

The plugin named DontPhishMe. As a result, if you installed these plugin from Mozilla Firefox, you will be protecting by alert you some error message if it is a phishing site instead of the official Internet Banking page.

Download it here.
Mozilla Firefox Plugin, here.
Google Chrome Plugin, here.

How to install Firefox 3.6.6. in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu 10.04, it is uses Mozilla Firefox 3.5 by default, and you might need to wait(sometimes it is long times) for the Ubuntu team to approved the Firefox 3.6.6 to updates automatically.

To let yourself to get the latest Firefox installed manually, just follow the step as below.

1. Open the Terminal.
2. Type “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa”
3. Enter the prompt administrator password and make sure your Firefox is closed.
4. Then Type “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” from the Terminal again.

It will update your Update list from Ubuntu and allow you to install Ubuntu 3.6.6. automatically.

Add Adblock Extension to your Browser

Adblock Plus, a popular plugin from Mozilla Firefox for years where it is more than 85 Millions user using it through Mozilla Firefox as a plugin.

It is now supported for Google Chrome and Safari as a plugin and it help to protect you attacked from the unknown script pop up or run in background when you surf a website.

Get the plugin installed to your Browser,

Google Chrome

Firefox Master Password Timeout Manager

If you are using Mozilla Firefox all the way, did you ever use the master password feature available by the Mozilla Firefox?

For me, it is very important as I saved all my password to my browser without finding them from any password manager where might waste my time to reach the password as all of them using different set of password.

But, have you ever found out it will be not secure if you might have something urgent and just left your desk for minutes and your password might be sniff by someone directly from your PC; even though some of your colleague, friend, etc trying to fool you through your Facebook/Twitter account?

Get the Master Password Timeout Manager addon from Firefox Plugin and it’s allow you to set the timeout session of the master password.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 with YSlow

1 July 2009, Mozilla Firefox launched the latest version of Mozilla Firefox , and we continue enjoying the Best Choice Open Source Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox 3.5. If you don’t have one, download it now.
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If you older version, upgrade it now as well!!

Within few days(a week), a plugin named YSlow which benefit Web Developer/user were coming out. The proud plugin, YSlow which came with Firebug were allow to use.

What is YSlow? It is a tool which integrated with Mozilla Firefox addon named Firebug and it analyzes web pages and why they’re slow based on Yahoo!’s rules for high performance web sites. Add YSlow to your Mozilla Firefox today,

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