How to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod back to default firmware

If you had jailbreak your i device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod, and you wish to restore them back to current iOS 4.3.3 (17 July 2011), you may download to the list as below,

Then follow the step as below.
1. Connect your device to iTunes.
2. Hold Shift(Alt for Mac) button,  and click on the Restore button in iTunes.
3. Browse to the IPSW file and perform the restoration.

How to transfer media files between your Mac and iOS devices

Are you one of those people who have a large music library, tired of select albums and playlists to every time you sync your device? Isn’t it annoying that you can not copy videos freely to your iPod or iPhone? Or that you can add some mp4 videos to your iTunes library, but can’t copy them to your devices? Shortly, iTunes is not convenient enough for media transferring.

With SyncPod, these worries no longer exist. This app makes it extremely easy to transfer songs, movies, books and other media files between Mac/iTunes and iOS devices

Getting Started

After you’ve installed SyncPod on your Mac, you will be welcomed by the window below, which offers you a video tutorial on how to best use the app.

Then the main window of the application will appear. You will see that SyncPod automatically starts to index the media content on your device and iTunes library. Library of your device is shown in the left window, iTunes on the right.

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