RTR FrontPage Server Extension for IIS 7.5

The RTR Frontpage Server Extension for IIS 7.5 is available to download from Run-to-Run Software. This Frontpage server extension do support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Vista which using IIS 7.5.

To get it install, you may get it from IIS Community page,
RTR FrontPage Extension for IIS 7.5 – download

Install FrontPage Server Extension to IIS 7.x

Although Microsoft FrontPage Server Extension (FPSE) 2002 will be discontinue by 18 December 2010 on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 RTM,  but it is quite important for some web designer to design and publish their website.

To install Microsoft FrontPage Server Extension (FPSE) 2002 on your server with IIS 7.x, you may need to install the following Roles and Features.

  • Web Server (IIS) Role Services:
    • Web Server
      • Common HTTP Features
        • Static Content
        • Default Document
        • Directory Browsing
        • HTTP Errors
      • Application Development
        • ISAPI Extensions
        • ISAPI Filters
      • Health and Diagnostics
        • HTTP Logging
        • Request Monitor 
      • Security
        • Windows Authentication or Basic Authentication (See note 2)
        • Request Filtering
      • Performance
        • Static Content Compression
    • Management Tools
      • IIS Management Console
      • IIS 6 Management Compatibility
        • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
  • Features:
    • Windows Process Activation Service
      • Process Model

1. Next, you may download the Installer as URL below.
Download here.
2. Then Install it to your server/computer.
3. You have done it. 🙂

Fix Frontpage from cPanel

If you are a webmaster or System Administrator, you should know that FrontPage Extension is a pile of shit.

If you ever used Frontpage extension from your website, then you shall alway found problem while install the Frontpage, getting error when using FrontPage form, etc.

You may use the following command to fix the problem.


Not able to login to FrontPage Extension Admin Page

When you have IIS 6 with Frontpage extension 2002 and you have installed the FrontPage Extension 2002 to your IIS 6.0 and wish to check the FrontPage Extension Health and recalculate it but you failed to login (Keep on prompt the login page) to the Administrator page after hit on the Administrator page from the FrontPage manage page.

Firstly, please verify if you have used the correct login detail by typing the login password to a notepad at first. If you still failed to login and hit the cancel button where the page redirect you to a unauthenticated page, you may try with the solution as below where to disable the loopback checking.

Continue reading Not able to login to FrontPage Extension Admin Page

FrontPage Users cannot login by using HELM

There is a known issue with HELM 3 with Frontpage extension that the Frontpage user not able to login if the account have been recreated through the HELM system.

This is because the fp_ prefix user is not added correctly, to resolve this issue, you may refer to the step as below.

1) Login to the server using Terminal Services Client
2) Open Computer Management
3) Go to Local Users and Groups -> Groups
4) Expand the description field. Look for the group that contains the domain name that was readded the in the description field. The group name will end in _AdvAuthor. Double click this group
5) Add the domain_fp user to this group, click OK.

Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page

By using Microsoft Frontpage Extension, you might easily get this error if you not manage well for your folder permission.

Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page: “http://www.domain.com/form.html”

Error Message:
Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page:”http://www.domain.com/form/html”

1. Go to the web server for this domain name.
2. Open IIS 6.0 from Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager or run a short cut named “inetmgr”.
3. Go to the virtual directory’s properties.
4. Look for “Server Extensions 2002” tab and select on the “Setting” button.
5. An Internet Browser will prompt out and asking for your username and password, try to login with your user account.
6. Insert all the related information such as your host name, webmaster email, etc and submit it.
7. Go back to IIS Manager and right click on the virtual directory, go to All Task and select on Check Server Extension 2002.
8. Click all the checkbox in repair field and submit it.
9. Go back to IIS Manager and right click on the virtual directory, go to All Task and select on Recalculate Server Extension 2002.
10. Well done, you did it. Try to check your form as it is working now.