Server Error – IO error on server communication

Today, I was discovered an error when access to Cold Fusion Administrator. This error namely Server Error – IO error on server communication on each of the upload bar.

After looking around from the server, it is found out the error related to the Cold Fusion RDS is disabled causing the problem. To overcome the problem simply enable the RDS from Cold Fusion configuration file.

Assume you are using Windows, to enable RDS from Cold Fusion,
1. Go to cf_root\wwwroot\WEB-INF\ directory where cf_root should be your Cold Fusion installed directory.
2. Backup the web.xml file.
3. Find the following code and uncomment this block,

<!-- begin RDS
    <servlet id="coldfusion_servlet_8789">
        <display-name>RDS Servlet</display-name>
        <init-param id="InitParam_103401311065856789">
 end RDS -->

4. Find another block and uncomment it,

<!-- begin RDS
    <servlet-mapping id="coldfusion_mapping_9">
end RDS -->

5.Restart the Cold Fusion services.