Howto: Show All post from MediaWiki



If you do not have any experience with MediaWiki, you might found out that it is very hard to manage as you need to well categories it.

Well, you might want to ask how do you be able to list your article easily from your installed Mediawiki.

The Answer is quite simple by accessing to MediaWiki special page,

For more information, you may refer to,

Howto: Send free Faxes



In this century, you might want to ask why people still sending faxes and why don’t they send email with free cost, but in fact, faxes is still using by lots of industries.

However, if your house/office do not have fax machine and wish to send and receive faxes for free, you may refer to hellofax.

hellofax allow you to send 5 free faxes per month and if you need more faxes to be sent, you may need to pay it,

Nearly one-third of all computers infected with malware

A new study revealed that nearly one-third of computers are infected with malware.
A new study revealed that nearly one-third of computers are infected with malware.


The cybersecurity landscape is a dangerous one, as sophisticated hackers continue to wreak havoc on computer owners worldwide.


The cybersecurity landscape is a dangerous one, as sophisticated hackers continue to wreak havoc on computer owners worldwide. A recent study by PandaLabs indicated that approximately 32 percent of all computers studied had malware, with at least 27 million new strains created in 2012. Trojans accounted for 75 percent of all malware attacks produced last year.

Viruses accounted for 8 percent of all of these incidents, according to the company, followed by worms with more than 6.4 percent.

This is not the only frightening trend discovered by PandaLabs. The popularity of social networking websites is putting consumers in danger of having their passwords exposed. For example, a security breach of LinkedIn led to the theft of 6.5 million passwords.

Consumers should do all they can to avoid being a victim of a major security breach. Industry professionals encourage people to use a password manager like Sticky Password to avoid using the same phrasing for each online account. If a cybercriminal can obtain a common password from someone, the malicious individual may have access to a person’s email, banking information or other sensitive information.

Mobile devices are another dangerous platform that can impact users and their data and passwords. PandaLabs said that the Android operating system is the most popular for cybercriminals looking for ways to steal information and money.

Smartphones powered by Android or Apple are likely to remain popular targets as more people adopt smartphones. Owners of the iPhone can also download password managers to their devices to ensure their information remains protected while browsing from their mobile gadgets.

With so many interactions taking place through the internet and via multiple devices, hackers will continue to target users involved with these popular channels. Consumers should strongly consider doing all they can to safeguard their most important information.

Free Bootable Rescue CDs

In case your PC/server need it, you may get them from URL below,

Kaspersky Rescue Disk: Download
F-Secure Rescue Disk: Download
AVG Rescue Disk: Download
BitDefender Rescue Disk: Download
Avira Rescue Disk: Download
VIPRE Rescue Disk: Download
Panda SafeCD: Download
Dr. Web LiveCD: Download

Watch Hong Kong Drama with PPStream without region restriction with Windows 7

PPStream has restricted region restriction to access to Hong Kong drama as copyrighted issue, however you may get this issue fix by referring to this article.

1. Trigger Windows Run (Win Key + R).
2. Enter, %appdata%/PPStream.
3. Open the following file with notepad and replace with following line.




4. Open Windows Run and run the following command,

attrib +r %appdata%/PPStream/ppsarea.ini
attrib +r %appdata%/PPStream/psnetwork.ini

5. You have done.

1. This article apply for Windows 7 and Windows 8 only.
2. I don’t have mac to test, waiting for donation 😛

Google Offer Free Website for Indian SMBs

Today, Google India announcing “India Get your Business Online” program to offer free website, domain name and email services to Small Medium Business.

With this program, they aims to help 500,000 small medium business in India to get their product online as only 5% of Indian business appearing Online.

This program will work together by Google India and Hostgator Web Hosting company. What do Indian businesses get:

  • Free: It’s free to set up your website. The domain is free for 1 year, and it’s free to maintain your website for 12 months.
  • Quick: The website tool takes 15 minutes from sitting down to being found online
  • Easy: You don’t need to be a tech whiz to get started. All you need to start is your address, phone number, TAN/CIN or PAN to verify you as a business
  • The website is simple because customers are looking for simple information online
  • Gives you your own .in domain
  • Other features include photos/logos, integration with social media platforms
  • You get a Google Apps account – free personalised email ids
  • If you want to make your website work harder, you’ll have access to steady stream of free tips and tools from the Getting Indian Business Online team and a free coupon of worth Rs. 2500 INR advertising trial from Google AdWords to help promote your site.
  • After the first year, SMBs can choose to pay a monthly pay-as-you-go to maintain their website using hostgator.
  • At the end of the first year, they’ll have to pay a nominal charge if they wish to renew their domain name. They can cancel their website at any time.

Logon to to create your website.

[via Google India]

Traceroute freeware: MRT

MRT could be very famous in Hong Kong, but today topic is not about the transit but a freeware with Traceroute and ping feature named MRT.

Assume that you understand what is traceroute and trying to get the freeware from the market. As MRT could be install to the most of the Linux machine and it is free, it is one of my favorite traceroute application from my work.

Below would be the basic MRT usage,

– The hostname or IP address of the network hop.

– The percentage of packets that are being lost during the trace.

– The number of packets received from the hop.

– The number of packets sent to the hop.

– The response time of the last packet sent to the hop.

– The best response time during the entire span of the test.

– The average response time during the entire span of the test.

– The worst response time during the entire span of the test.

For Windows user, you may use WinMTR as below,

For Mac user, you may get it from GitHub,

Domain Name Speed Benchmark

It is very important to get the fastest Domain Name Benchmark to ensure your best Internet surfing.

Now, you may get this freeware from Gibson Research Corporation as below,

To test the Domain Name Speed benchmark,
1. Download it from here.
2. Select Nameservers tab and a list of DNS information listed.
3. Select on Run Benchmark button and it is now calculating.
4. Now, you can see the Google DNS is the fastest from my end. Lastly, you may select the Conclusions