Android Review: Utilitas for Android

Utilitas, which is a tools designed to ease the user with a collection of light and tools such as StopWatch, Date Calculator, Compass, etc.

Even though many apps could do that but Utilitas is special design with all-in-one.

Below is part of the screenshot images on this apps.

To get this apps, please download it from,

info app:
google play:


Howto: Block a call from your Android Phone

With your Androind Phone, you do not need to install any addon apps to block unwanted phone call, it is bundled with any of the Android Phone.

1. To do this, simply create a contact record.
2. Go to the contact record that created.
3. Edit it and choose the option enable voice mail.

Note: Some Android phone might get different step to enable voice mail, but you should able to do that.

How to Prevent A directory scan by Android Gallery

For some purpose, you might want to hide certain folder to be scanned and display from your Gallery Apps as the number of pictures might slow down your images to be displayed or you do not want to display those icon from your Gallery Apps.

To done this, you may easily hide them by the step as below.
1. Use any file manager apps such as Astro file viewer.

2. Rename your folder with a dot in front of the folder such as image as above.
3. Now, open back your Gallery Apps and you will found out all the unwanted image is disabled.

How to take screenshot with Android

I am looking for how to taking a screenshot from Android for weeks and finally I have found out it is not necessary to rooted the phone in order to get the phone to be able to taking a screenshot.

First of all, I still got a question to Android which is why they don’t directly provide such a good solution to user to directly taking a screenshot such as iPhone.

Ok, now you may refer to this article on how to taking a screenshot from Android phone.

1. Check if you have the Java SE, if not then install it.
2. Install latest Android SDK, download the installer if you want to install it or download the zip file and extract it.
3. Connect your phone to PC.
4. Enable the USB debugging. If the application is not pop up, use the step as below.
Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Checkbox USB debugging.
5. Open your extracted Android folder or installed Android folder.
6. Open tools folder and click on ddms.bat file.

7. Open the ddms manager where you shall see your application list from the left box.
8. If you do not able to see your device listed, install the ADB driver by referring to article here.
9. Select the device and use Ctrl + s to enter the screenshot page.
10. Now, you may save you image from the console.

Install HTC ADB driver with Windows 7

ADB driver stand for Android Debug Bridge which could be easily install through Android SDK, but for some reason you are not able to install it easily from Windows 7. Hence you may install it as this article.

With these article, I will provide HTC driver for ADB.

Firstly, you may get the driver as URL below.

Local Download Driver.rar

Next, connect your mobile to the PC and install the ADB  driver for your HTC device.

Digi Internet Android Review Part 2

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Digi Internet Android Review

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Install Your Apps from Android Market through web

Recently, Android’s Market come out new feature that allow you to install your Apps through web with URL of

Now, you do not need to install the Market Apps from your Android but you may directly install it through the Android’s Market.

MGe did tested several apps and below is the example step for my readers.

1. Go to Android’s Market.
2. Search any Apps that you needed.

3. Select on your device and hit on the Install button.

4. Now you will see the Apps is downloading and install to your Android’s phone without any extra step.

With the above step, be sure that you have your phone connected to the Internet.

Android Apps – Barcode Scanner

Recently, Barcode Scanner is very hot for mobile computing/mobile phone as it could scan the barcode from a product or even a QR Code.

Basically Barcode Scanner could save the URL, Text, Phone Number or even SMS.

To get the Barcode Scanner, you may simply download it from site as below.
Download here

Get it directly from here.