Linux: Remove WHM Disk Warning



There are many times I am seeing the error below when accessing to the WHM.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.

And even after I have cleared the disk space from the server, WHM doesn’t allow me to access to WHM interface.

To get this issue fixed, you may remove the following files and retry again,


Linux/MySQL: Find all database using innodb engine



If you are the Linux administrator that using full backup of your account, you will find out that the MySQL database full backup couldn’t help to restore your database.

Hence, you might want to schedule a full mysqldump backup for those databases that using the innodb engine.

To show all of your databases that using innodb engine, you may use the following command,

# mysql -N mysql -e "SELECT table_schema, table_name FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE engine = 'innodb';" | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq

Howto: Show All post from MediaWiki



If you do not have any experience with MediaWiki, you might found out that it is very hard to manage as you need to well categories it.

Well, you might want to ask how do you be able to list your article easily from your installed Mediawiki.

The Answer is quite simple by accessing to MediaWiki special page,

For more information, you may refer to,

Howto: Send free Faxes



In this century, you might want to ask why people still sending faxes and why don’t they send email with free cost, but in fact, faxes is still using by lots of industries.

However, if your house/office do not have fax machine and wish to send and receive faxes for free, you may refer to hellofax.

hellofax allow you to send 5 free faxes per month and if you need more faxes to be sent, you may need to pay it,

Domain Abuse Contact

abusix logo


Abusix as known as Abuse Contact DB is a proxy database service for people who want to report network abuse directly to network owners, without getting lost in the whois databases or get rate-limited by whois server.

In order to get the domain abuse contact, you may simply use abusix free server as sample below,


With the information above, you may simply get the information as below,

Reverse IP:

Query from your terminal,

host -t TXT

Joomla Plugin: Alarm System



I would like to recommend Joomla plugin named Alarm System which added extra protection to Joomla Administrator/backend access.


With this plugin, you could enable the Alarm based PIN before access to your Joomla application. 

Feel free to install Joomla Alarm System as URL below as it is free to use.

SED Cheatsheet



Some useful cheatsheet for sed:-

sed ‘2d’ file.txt Remove second line from file.txt
sed ‘/mickgenie/d’ file.txt Remove the line containing the word/string mickgenie from file.txt
sed ‘$d’ file.txt Remove last line from file.txt
sed ‘/^$/d’ file.txt Remove empty line from file.txt
sed ‘1,5d’ file.txt Remove line between 1 and 5 from file.txt

Howto: Turn off review/ tell a friend from Zen Cart



With Zen Cart 1.5.0 and lower, you can easily turn off review or tell a friend from Zen Cart.

From Zen Cart itself,

1. Open your Admin.
2. Put the cursor over Catalog on the top menu.
3. Choose Product Types from the dropdown.
4. Choose Products General (or the product type you are customizing).
5. Click Edit Layout and turn off any settings you do not want to display.

From Sideboxes,

To turn off/on the Reviews and/or Tell-A-Friend sideboxes:
1. Open your Admin.
2. Put the cursor over Tools on the top menu.
3. Choose “Layout Boxes Controller” from the pulldown menu
4. You may turn various boxes off/on by editing a particular entry, making the changes, and saving the settings.

For server administrator,

Rename folder in /includes/modules/pages/tell_a_friend/